ISSN 1851-0027

A�o 2007. N�mero 2: 71-83

Zoometric Measurements Of Cephalic Conformation In Adult Bovine Males And Females

Pere-Miquel Par�s I Casanova

Jordi Jordana I Vidal

Unitat de Ci�ncia Animal, Departament de Ci�ncia Animal i dels Aliments, Facultat de Veterin�ria, Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona

08193-Bellaterra (Barcelona)


�A sample of 370 bovine heads (70 males and 300 females) belonging to 5 different cattle breeds (Bruna dels Pirineus, Frisona, Limosina, Charolesa and Rubia de Aquitania) from Spain and France was examined. A total of 9 linear cephalic measures and 7 derived indexes were obtained. The values corresponding to total cephalic length and the widths reflected significant differences between sexes, and they could be used to establish the morphometric cephalic differences among males and females. The cephalic and Skorkowski's W1 indexes also reflected significant differences, between sexes, in all the analyzed breeds.

Given their number-based nature, these cephalic measurements and indexes allow comparisons between breeds from very distant geographical areas as well as permitting the development of research into breeds using exclusively bone material.

Key words: bovinometry | measurements | head | morphological characters