ISSN 1851-0027

A�o 2007. N�mero 2: 84-105

Circulaci�n de Bienes y Patrones de Descarte en la Estancia Iraola

Lic. Marco Antonio Giovannetti

Lic. Ver�nica Lema

Depto. Cient�fico de Arqueolog�a

Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata



At the actual woods of La Plata has been found the precise location of Old Estancia, once under the ownership of the Iraola family, establishment that functioned previously to the foundation of the capital in 1882. An interesting pit of discarded material was found in the lands that belong to the La Plata Observatory and was excavated nearly in its totality. At the pit it was possible to find a broad variety in ergology, and the remainings of daily consumption materials were found (food remainings for example) as well as work tools and different kinds of silverware from those times. In this work are presented the results of the analysis of the materials gathered, with a special emphasis in the day-to-day practices and the habits of the people who finally discarded the materials archaeologically recovered. At the same time there is an attempt to establish the possible relationship between the materials and their origin (especially with the silverware), to make inferences on the consumption habits of the rural establishments of the XIX century elite.�

Keywords: Estancia Iraola- Waste pit � XIXth Century