ISSN 1851-0027

A�o 2007. N�mero 1: 52- 66.

Household Social Reproduction and residential settlements between 200 and 800 AD in Taf� Valley� , Province of Tucum�n[1].

Tesista: Juli�n Salazar

C�tedra de Prehistoria y Arqueolog�a

Director: Eduardo E. Berberi�n

C�tedra de Prehistoria y Arqueolog�a- CONICET


This project sets the research goals and explicative model to study residential sites formation, rising and dispersion in the Taf� Valley north area (Provincia de Tucum�n, Argentina), between circa 200 AD and 800 AD.

The main aim will be understanding, upon archaeological record, the way in which social relationships between groups that occupied residential sites, the first villages as well as the dispersed settlements, taking as dynamic axis household social reproduction strategies.�����

[1] This proyect was accepted by the Facultad de Filosof�a y Humanidades (UNC), to develop the History Doctorade.