ISSN 1851-0027

A�o 2007. N�mero 1: 1- 11.

�Arroyo El Gaucho I� archaeobotanical record during Early Holocen (8000-6000 BP) (Pampa de Achala, C�rdoba).

Valeria Franco Salvi

Laboratorio y C�tedra de �Prehistoria y Arqueolog�a�. FFyH UNC.

Archaeological sites charcoal analysis demonstrated to be a helpful for archaeological integral studies. The identification of wood species from charred remains obtained in archaeological context, allows making inferences about site function and use of space as well as the different strategies of tree selection, distribution and consumption.

It is analyzed a shelter that shows diachronic occupations until Middle Holocene (3.000 B.P). In this opportunity, it is only considered the 1� Component, correspondent to Early Holocen final moments (8.000-6.000 B.P), a period in witch hunter- gatherers groups start peopling the C�rdoba Province mountains area.

Key words: use of space, antracology, hunter-gatherers.